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1. Updates
2. Essays 2006
3. Essays 2005
4. Essays 2004
5. Essays 2003 and earlier
6. Poems
7. The Tess Book. Book of photographs of my model Tess or Treszka.
8. Letters to the Editor
9. Zeitgeber (timegiver), excerpts from my unpublished book, addressing the failures of Modernism
10. The Adventures of Tom Turtle. A humor column by that literary icon, TT.
11. The Triptych Altarpiece of Harriet Westbrook Shelley, a 15-foot self-elegy of the first wife of Percy Shelley, including painting, sculpture, poetry, calligraphy, and woodwork.
12. The self-elegy of Harriet Westbrook Shelley, from the two side panels of the Triptych. (The poem is printed here without the calligraphy).
13. An Artist's Statement
14. Notes of an Artist (to himself), an illustrated pseudo-autobiography set in the late 19th century. Excerpts from an unpublished novel.
15. Commissioned Portraits
16. Personal Photo Gallery of me and some friends (for those interested in such things).
17. My Galleries
18. The Guild of the White Stone (Le Guild de la Blanchepierre)
19. See the work of Guild Co-founder Van Nielsen.
20. The Artist's Resume (CV) and The Artist's Biography. A 4-page extended bio for those readers who have asked for confirmation of "stories" of my wild ways.
21. Calypso's Cave, a small book of my poems illustrated by my paintings.
22. Demonstration
23. The Sad Beauty, an article about the artist from Taos Magazine, 1993.
24. My science website
26. Links