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Miles  Williams  Mathis




LYNDON B. JOHNSON SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS, Austin, Texas.  1984.  A two-year masters program in politics and management.  Full Merit Scholarship.  Withdrew to pursue art career.

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, Austin, Texas.  1982-1984.  Graduated Summa cum Laude (3.9 GPA) in May 1984 at age 20 with a Bachelor of Arts.  Double Major in Philosophy and Latin, minor in History.  Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi honor societies.  Special Honors in philosophy.

HAVERFORD COLLEGE, Haverford, Pennsylvania.  1981.  National Merit Scholarship, National Honor Society Scholarship, Junior Classical League  Scholarship (for Latin).  Studied Liberal Arts.



THE DAILY TEXAN. 1984-1987. The University of Texas at Austin. Political and Strip Cartooning. Won Associated College Press awards in both political and strip cartooning in 1986 and 1987. Strip Squib was picked up by several other college newspapers, including the University of Alabama.

KING FEATURES SYNDICATE. 1987-1988. One of several cartoonists involved in THE NEW BREED at its inception. This strip was organized to compete with Gary Larson's The Far Side.

THE TEXAS OBSERVER. 1987-1989. Austin, TX. Political cartoonist working under Geoff Rips and Ronnie Dugger.


THE BASIL ALKAZZI AWARD.  1990.   National Competition for a Travel Award to London, England, for study at the National Gallery and the Tate Gallery, London, and the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

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ALTE PINAKOTHEK and GLYPTOTHEK, Munich, Germany, and KUNSTHISTORISCHES  MUSEUM, Vienna, Austria, 1998-9.  Studied and copied works by Van Dyck, Rubens, Tiepolo, Titian, et al.

LOUVRE, MUSEE D'ORSAY and RODIN MUSEUM, Paris, France, 1996, 1988, and 1983. Sketched works by Rodin, Rembrandt, Carpeaux, Courbet, et al.

GLYPTOTECH, Copenhagen, Denmark and KUNST MUSEUM, Goteborg, Sweden, 1996.  Studied works by Hasselberg, Rodin, Carpeaux,  Degas, and Munch.                                

VATICAN GALLERIES and BORGHESE GALLERIES, Rome, and UFFIZI GALLERIES, PITTI PALACE, BARGELLO and ACCADEMIA, Florence, Italy, 1993 and 1983.  Studied, photographed and sketched works by Michelangelo, Bernini, Canova, Titian, Raphael, et al.

NATIONAL GALLERY and TATE GALLERY, London, England; and ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM, Oxford, England,  1990.  Studied works by Degas, Corot, Rembrandt, Rubens, Allori, et al. Completed partial copies of John Singer Sargent's Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose and John Everett Millais' Ophelia. Also completed full-size copy of Anthony van Dyck's Cornelius van der Geest.

SAN ANTONIO MUSEUM OF ART and  DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART,  1988.  Completed a full-size copy of Sargent's Venetian  Beggar Girl  and a partial copy of W. A. Bouguereau's Admiration.


WEINSTEIN GALLERY, San Francisco, CA.  November 2003.  Trio-- three-person show.

NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN, New York, New York.  March 2001.  Finalist and Honorable Mention.  American Society of Portrait Artists.

AUSTIN GALLERIES, Austin, Texas.  May 1999.  One-man show of paintings, sculpture, drawings and photography, including the Triptych Altarpiece of Harriet Shelley.

QUAST GALLERIES, Taos, NM.  June 1998.  Two-person show.

OIL PAINTERS OF AMERICA, Taos, New Mexico.  1997.   Purchase Award.

AUSTIN GALLERIES, Austin, Texas.  March 1997.  Group show.

OIL PAINTERS OF AMERICA, Taos, New Mexico.  1996.  Awarded Best Portrait and Grumbacher Gold Medal.

OIL PAINTERS OF AMERICA, San Antonio, Texas.  1995 .  Awarded Best Portrait and People's Choice Award.                 

VANIER & ROBERTS GALLERIES, Scottsdale, Arizona.  April 1995.  Group exhibition of nudes.          

JAN BALLEW'S NORTHERN GALLERY, Santa Fe, NM.  December 1994. Group show.

ARTWORKS GALLERY, Austin, Texas.  September 1994.  Group show, The Nude.

VANIER & ROBERTS GALLERIES, Scottsdale, Arizona.  March 1994.  Group show of miniatures.

MARBLE GALLERY, Marble, Colorado.  July 1993.  One-man show.

LESLIE LEVY FINE ART, Scottsdale, AZ.  April 1993.  Group show, The Figure in Art.

ARTWORKS GALLERY, Austin, Texas.  September 1992.  One-man show.

AKRON SOCIETY OF ARTISTS, Akron, Ohio.  September 1991.  Grand Exhibition.

NATIONAL ARTS CLUB, New York, New York.  September 1990.  18th Annual Open Exhibition, Pastel Society of America.

FIVE-STATE EXHIBITION, Irving, Texas.  May 1990.  Irving Art Association Annual. Awarded Second Place, oils. 

DEGAS PASTEL SOCIETY, New Orleans, Louisiana.  March 1990.  Third Biennial National Exhibition.  Awarded the NOAA Award of Merit by Aaron Shikler.                

AMERICAN ARTISTS PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE, New York, New York.  November 1989.  Grand National Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club.


NAVIGATING the ATOMIC NUCLEUS. 2013. On nuclear theory and other topics, including many diagrams of the atomic nucleus.

THE INCORPORATION of LIGHT. 2011. On photon theory, charge, and other topics. How to include light in mainstream equations, including an explanation of dark matter. Also a rewrite of the Lagrangian.

THE UN-UNIFIED FIELD. 2010. My first book. On Unified Field Theory and other topics. Introduced by a NASA Astrophysicist.  March 2008.   Chance Abutmenting.   A counter-critique of Peter Schjeldahl, art critic for The New Yorker.  

ART RENEWAL CENTER.  2004-2005.   Counter-criticism.   A weekly rebuttal to the critics and armchair theorists from the point of view of the working artist.  

ART RENEWAL CENTER.  June, 2003.   The Value of Copywork.   An illustrated article concerning museum  copywork as a tool of self-education. 

ART RENEWAL CENTER.  January, 2003. Dante contra Danto. A polemic against The Nation's art critic Arthur Danto. 

ART RENEWAL CENTER.  February, 2002. The Art of the Lastman. A critique of con-temporary art criticism from the point of view of the artist. 

ART CONNOISSEUR Magazine, Beverly Hills, CA.  July, September and December 1999.  Three articles on counter-criticism: the artist's critique of the critic.

TAOS MAGAZINE, Taos, New Mexico.  September, 1996.    Two-person feature article, on the artists of Quast Galleries.

ART TALK MAGAZINE, Scottsdale, Arizona.  March 1994.  "Artist worth watching" feature article, including a  photograph of The Rite.

TAOS MAGAZINE, Taos, New Mexico.  August, 1993.  Feature article, including photographs of paintings and drawings.



FREDERICKSBURG ARTISTS SCHOOL.  1997-2001.  Fredericksburg, Texas.  Bill Bush, director.  The Figure in Oil and Pastel.

THE UNIVERSTIY OF TEXAS,  Austin, TX.  1998-99.  The Figure in Pastel.

REGENTS SCHOOL, Austin, TX.  1999-2000.  Portraits in Pastel.

AUSTIN PASTEL SOCIETY, Austin, TX.  1999.  The Figure in Pastel.  Demo.

ATELIER DE MILO, Austin, TX.  1997-2000.  Oil, Pastel, and Clay Sculpture.  Student Van Nielsen finalist in National Sculpture Competition, 2000, at the Art Students League, NY: the only finalist west of Philadelphia. 

De Stille Zwaan, Bruges, Belgium.  2005-6. Private students.